Saugus Ironworks

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So yesterday SCIP went to Saugus and had an AMAZING time there! We went on two full ranger led tours, did a mini “iron” pour, explored the grounds, watch a blacksmith make real nails, help set up a tent for an event (I’m not trying to rhyme lol), saw water wheels and bellows in action, made our own figurines and engravings, and met a lot of nice people. We had a jam packed day full of work and fun, ultimately learning more about our rich New England Puritan and iron history, and most importantly teamwork 🙂 If you haven’t been to Saugus Ironworks yet, you MUST go! Definitely one of the most interesting sites I’ve ever visited 😀

Yours Truly,
Victoria SCIP

PS: For more pictures of everything we’ve ever done please visit my flickr website 🙂


About victoriascip

Hello everyone! I am a first year SCIP which means that this is my first year in the Student Career Intake Program for the National Park Service. I am a student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell majoring in Political Science and minoring in German. I have been working for the National Park Service for a few years now as a Park Ranger and Costume Interpreter. I'm looking forward to the SCIP program to help me discover which career in the Park Service is best for me and how I as an employee and an individual can contribute to society through the National Park Service.
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4 Responses to Saugus Ironworks

  1. Hi SCIP_Victoria, nice post. What is your Flickr site address? I would love to see more pics.

  2. victoriascip says:

    hello! you can find me on flickr through my email address for some reason you can’t find me by my user name!

  3. crisconstantine says:

    Great photos! I hadn’t thought about how the ‘simple’ task of making nails would contribute to the goal of constructing a three-masted ship- very cool! Thanks for sharing.

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