JFK, Longfellow, and Boston Harbor Islands

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Yesterday and today were full of adventures as SCIP went to John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site, Longfellow National Historic Site, and the Boston Harbor Islands.
At JFK we went inside the house where our former President was born and felt a deep connection with his humble beginnings. We had a personal tour of the house with a Park Ranger and ate lunch in JFK’s own backyard!
At Longfellow, we saw the glamorous beautiful house of Longfellow, the poet and distinguished Professor of Harvard University. Anita Israel, from Cultural Resources brought us on a personal tour of the house along with a Park Ranger, and showed us valuable things in the archives like Longfellow’s canes and Abraham Lincoln’s original signature!
Today at the Boston Harbor Islands, we went to two islands in particular, Spectacle Island and Georges Island. At Spectacle Island we gave a shot at kayaking, which for some of us (like me) was very unsuccessful! We also walked to the top of the island and there we had lunch at the highest peak of the Boston Harbor. At Georges Island we went on a Department of Conservation and Recreation Ranger led tour of Fort Warren, the old civil war fort, visited the visitor’s center, saw a film, and visited other youth in partnership programs.
All in all, it was a fun two days, and tomorrow SCIP travels to New Bedford Whaling!

Yours Truly,
Victoria SCIP

About victoriascip

Hello everyone! I am a first year SCIP which means that this is my first year in the Student Career Intake Program for the National Park Service. I am a student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell majoring in Political Science and minoring in German. I have been working for the National Park Service for a few years now as a Park Ranger and Costume Interpreter. I'm looking forward to the SCIP program to help me discover which career in the Park Service is best for me and how I as an employee and an individual can contribute to society through the National Park Service.
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