New Bedford Whaling and Boston African American

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So last Friday we went to New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park and yesterday we went to Boston African American National Historic Site. Both are very unique and different places. In New Bedford, we met with several Park Rangers who shared with us the story of whaling and how diverse it was, especially in New Bedford. We also had the great opportunity to meet with their Superintendent, which gave us some useful advice. Their museum is GORGEOUS and we all had a wonderful time there. If you haven’t been, you must go!

Yesterday, we all went into Boston to go on a tour of Massachusetts rich Black History. We saw many houses where famous people who hid runaway slaves were, we saw the first African American Baptist church, and we saw the first all black school. The story of the Black Americans who fought to be free is very heartwarming and inspiring. Go visit Boston African American and come out a new person.

Today, SCIP travels to Salem to meet with our partner youth from Gateway, and today we will test run staying the night on the Friendship as well as learning how to work the ship 😀 Super excited!!!

Yours Truly,
Victoria SCIP


About victoriascip

Hello everyone! I am a first year SCIP which means that this is my first year in the Student Career Intake Program for the National Park Service. I am a student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell majoring in Political Science and minoring in German. I have been working for the National Park Service for a few years now as a Park Ranger and Costume Interpreter. I'm looking forward to the SCIP program to help me discover which career in the Park Service is best for me and how I as an employee and an individual can contribute to society through the National Park Service.
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