Being Part of the Crew

To be quite honest I know little to nothing about sailing. However as soon as we set sail my fellow SCIPpers and I were expected to be part of the crew, working hard to ensure that everything runs properly. We were divided into 3 different groups: the forward, the main and the mezzanine. Each group has a 4 hour shift, sometimes in the middle of the night. Within our groups we are split up into teams of two and are given various tasks to do, steering, a boat check etc. I defiantly do not think that I could do this for years at a time like the sailors did in the 16th century. Luckily, we have modern technology like radar, power steering, and radios. It makes this job a whole lot easier.

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2 Responses to Being Part of the Crew

  1. Kelly F says:

    Sounds like you all have learned a lot in your first 24 hours. Thanks for all the updates today. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more tomorrow.

  2. crisconstantine says:

    It’s hard to image folks that knew nothing about sailing sought out opportunities to join whaling expeditions and battle ships crews. What a cool opportunity to see what even a bit of that lifestyle would have been like. Thanks for sharing so that we can live vicariously!

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