My Goal for the Summer

One of my goals for the summer is to learn about all the different travel opportunities that are available through the National Park Service. Meeting with Michael Quijano-West, the supervisor of SAMA, I got to talk with somebody first hand who had gone through the experience of traveling through the National Park Service and how much he enjoyed his different National Park Service homes. It was interesting to hear how he started in Texas and then got to work at the Olympic Games in 1984 and was able to move to a different park every summer during his college years. It must have been amazing to see how different parks operate based on their size, accessibility, resources and management.

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One Response to My Goal for the Summer

  1. Amy Glowacki says:

    Andrew, you are on your way. You have already had your first National Park Servie travel experience with your trip to Philadelphia. There will be many more adventures in your future. Congratulatons on opening for the 1812 town meeting at Faneuil Hall. Very exciting. I am sure you did great. Cheers to you, Amy

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