My Summer Goals

Goals 1: learn/improve my communication skills
Object: build relationships with my supervisor (Marc, Andrew and the Stewardship team at Boston Harbor Island National Park Area), my SCIP teammates (Amy, Andrew Dawn, Jonathan, Resi)
Steps: 1. response my emails, phone calls, message promptly (at least within 24 hrs)
           2. call or message to inform emergency events 
Goals 2: learn more about National Park Service, including career options, different parks’ history, stories
Object: develop future career plans
Steps: 1. actively engage conversations while visiting to different parks and meeting people from different parks 
           2. learning about different parks’ stories 
Goals 3: develop leadership skills in event planning, project managing
Object: improve organization skills
Steps: 1.learn about planning the youth summits, including activities
           2. learn about the mamal survey project at BOHA
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One Response to My Summer Goals

  1. Amy Glowacki says:

    That is an ambitious list. You have showed initiative in taking the lead with Tweets, blogging and posting on Facebook. Lead on SCIP ShuMing, lead on. Amy

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