Summer goals

So! summer goals. I have quite a few, not all entirely SCIP-related, or maybe they are actually. But anyways – without much further ado:


1) Use this summer to learn more about youth programming, through SCIP and Spindle City Corps at Lowell; and within that, learn about event planning from the Youth Summit.

2) Taking the words of Salem Maritime’s Superintendent Michael Quijano-West to heart, be sure to keep up fluency in the languages I do know (Wie sagt man “loom” auf Deutsch? Comment dit-on “mill”?), and also put in some effort into learning more Tagalog (as I learned one tour where I had Filipino/Tagalog-speaking visitors, and all I could say was that I could only speak “konti lang”, which does not say much.) This ties into what I’d like to explore more in school too – linguistic fluency, linguistic access (access is a BIG public human buzzword), linguistic understanding and anthropology ….

3) Interpretively, learn more/prepare more information to develop an environmental angle to my tours. I have a developed shtick, all about labor and social history, but I’d like to be able to communicate more environmental things too.

4) Push myself to speak up more! I tend to be really quiet and shy sometimes ….

I’m sure this list will expand as the summer goes on, but this is what I have for now!

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One Response to Summer goals

  1. Amy Glowacki says:

    You’re on your way. You had sme great questions during our meetings with staff at the regional office. Plus, you spoke Filipino with the helpful woman outside Independence Hall.

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