Working as a Biological Science Technician…

      As a SCIP participant, I work as a biological science technician as part of the stewardship team at Boston Harbor Island National Park Area . Many of you might curious about what biological science technicians do. In this post, I am going to share my working experience and the projects I am involving in during this summer.

     Our stewardship team is primary focus on restoring the native biodiversity on Boston Harbor Islands (32 islands and 2 peninsulas). Every Stewardship Saturday, we have a field stewardship project on a particular island. A group of dedicate volunteers join us to work on habitat restoration and citizen science programs, such as recording the phonology of plants on the islands. One time, I went to Lovell Island with Andrew and Brendan. We used string to create a restricted area for nesting terns. This seems small, but means a lot to native biodiversity and the terns because they are a specie of special concern by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is also important to keep spaces for wildlife to enjoy their lives.

     Also, the Boston Harbor Island Visitor Survey statistics Project is my focal project during this summer. I am going to work with Marc and Andrew to collect visitor statistics of each islands. This project would help Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area in developing future visitor programs. I am going to participate a Visitor Statistics Survey Technicians training in the coming Friday.

This is my so far experience in working as a biological science technician  at Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area. I hope to share with you more later this summer. Lots of great/interesting pictures about my SCIP experience in both my facebook page and twitter. Please check them out.

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2 Responses to Working as a Biological Science Technician…

  1. Amy Glowacki says:

    Thanks for sharing ShuMing. You are accomplishing some great work creating opportunities for community engagement. I enjoy the photos you share-just one more talent. Keep up the good work, Amy

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