SCIP Journey

My SCIP Journey started from the Friendship of Salem Maritime National Historic Site.

Last year, I was invited to participate the Youth Summit Planning Overnight at the Friendship. That night, I met inspiring SCIPsters who were so excited to share their SCIP experiences, such as traveling to national parks in Massachusetts and learn about their parks. I was liked: That’s so cool!! You get pay to travel and learn new things! I want to do that!!
Almost a year later, I am a SCIPster officially for four weeks now. Beside traveling to different nationals parks (Please check out “Oh! The Places You’ll go …” and learn about our travels), I was able to meet people from all professions in NPS and learned about their career paths. “Career Shopping” is a term I like to describe my overall SCIP experiences, especially our visit to the Northeast Regional Office. During these travels, I was able to talk to people from the administration office, budget and finance, ranger service, and employee development, interpretation . People shared the insights of their jobs and their NPS stories. Each of their stories is unique and inspiring. My SCIP travel experiences opened my mind to new career fields and all the new opportunities. Now, I think SCIP program is more than cool to pay me to travel and to learn. It is a dream experience that I want and need. It helps me to discover new possibilities in my life and build connections with people from all over the places.


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