Green Ambassadors

Traveling the northeast region with the SCIP program has been a fulfilling and enriching experience for my fellow SCIP members and myself. Over the course of the past month we have been able to forge connections with a seemingly endless list of people. One of the groups we have had the pleasure of working with are the Green Ambassadors. The Green Ambassadors are based out of Thompson Island and spend a lot of their summer doing different conservation and landscape projects on the Boston Harbor Islands. We first met up with the Green Ambassadors on Thompson Island for the Summer kick off. That day we got to explore one of the salt marshes on Thompson Island. We learned a lot about the plant life and different types of crusteceans that called the marsh home.

Personally, I enjoyed seeing the Green Ambassadors because I recognized many of them. After spending the past two summers working with Branching Out, another youth group, I had already worked with the Green Ambassadors through events such as the summer kick off and youth summit in Salem. It was a great opportunity to see how they were doing, what was different from last year and what they were doing for this year.

Later in on the year our two groups would meet again on Thompson Island to have lunch and talk more about what we, the SCIP program, do. We were already planning to visit the islands so getting to see old friends was a bonus. We also got a good chance to give the Green Ambassadors a more formal introduction to the SCIP program. It was really useful to have the chance to talk to the Green Ambassadors as some of them will be old enough to join SCIP next year and it would be awesome to have the chance to work with them in the SCIP program in the future!

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