Founders Day, Stewardship!

Happy Birthday!! National Park Service

Today, I got to celebrate the Founders Day with the Stewardship Team of Boston Harbor Island national recreation area. We held an stewardship program at Thompson Island, and a group of passionated and dedicated volunteers joined us.

In the morning, we had a invasive plant management project. Today, we focued on removing the buckthorns shrubs and bittersweeet shrubs, which threaten the native speices on Thompston Island.  Managing the invasive species is an important strategy on restoring the native plant community on Boston Harbor Islands. Boston Harbor Islands are pieces of values wildlife environment because they provide people the opportunties to enjoy outdoor within a short distance from the Boston area. Children can learn about the mammals and plants while camping or visiting the islands.

After lunch, we participated a clam seeding project that led by Chris Schillaci, who is a fisheries technician from Massachusetts Division of Marin Fisheries. The clam seeding beds not only serve as a research purpose for the underwater system of Boston Harbor Islands, but also provide great opportunitis for youth to learn about marine science. During the summer, Thompson Island Outward Bound Edcation Center holds seeding clam project with youth groups, such as the Green Ambassadors.

Youth volunteer Sean and I were seeding 9000 soft shell clam on one of the clam seeding bed (Picture showed below). Each clam seeding bed was  about 30ftX10ft. And the average size of the juvenile calms was about half an inch.


Youth volunteer Sean and I were holding the biggest quohog we found today. We enjoyed learning the marin species on the beach.We also found many razor clams while we were exploring the marine life on Thompson Island.



Pictures are credited to Susannah Corona,  a biological science technician of the Stewardship Team.

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