Congratulations Rich Hansen-Home Grown #33

SCIP Intern Rich Hansen, Electircal Worker, is the newest Career Conditional employee at Lowell National Historical Park!

Rich is a Lowell native who first worked at the Park during the 2007-2008 school year as a co-operative education student from the Greater Lowell Technical High School. Rich was the first participant in the Trades Skills youth program designed for high school students studying trades to work alongside National Park Service employees in carpentry, electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems to gain practical experience under the guidance of a mentor working on historic resources. Rich earned 1,500 apprentice hours and 300 education hours towards his electrical license.  Rich continued as a seasonal employee at the Park through 2011 when he was appointed as an Electrical Worker Trainee while working towards his degree in Energy Management.

Rich joined the Mass Parks Student Career Intake Program in 2011. Through his experiences Rich has embraced his role as an ambassador for the National Park Service, for Lowell National Historical Park and for youth in general. Rich performs regular electrical maintenance throughout the Park. He can often be seen talking with visitors while he is making energy upgrades such as installing energy efficient lighting and renewable energy systems along the trolley tracks and walkways throughout the Park. His work can also be seen atop the Boott Cotton Mills where he installed photovoltaic panels that provide renewable energy for lighting inside the building. Rich is a role model for young people in the Park. He mentors the electrical students in the Trades Skills program. 

Since 2007 Rich’s experiences are building a solid base for his long term career as a professional in facilities maintenance and energy management in the National Park Service.

Congratulations, Rich! 


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