Reflections; Rubby Wuabu @Lowell National Historical Park

I am proud and grateful member of the Mass Parks Student Career Intake Program or SCIP, one of the best programs to educate youth while providing access to opportunities in the National Park Service. Through SCIP I gained access to a community of talented people who are passionate about learning, preserving and sharing the amazing individual and collective stories of the diverse people that make this country so unique. As an immigrant I had no frame of reference as to what national parks were; It wasn’t something I grew up with and I knew even less about the opportunities, resources and amazing career opportunities available. Through SCIP we learned about the work and mission of the National Park Service. We were nurtured, mentored and groomed into stewards. We gained a deeper appreciation of the importance of individual and collective experiences as well as empowered to be leaders within our communities.Insights acquired through SCIP have made me proud to work for such an amazing organization that works diligently to balance its mission of recreation and preservation, while striving to accurately share the stories of all the peoples of America. My awareness of the National Parks, has enabled me to educate my friends and family about the idea of the national parks, what they are, and their work in preserving and sharing our ever changing story as a country. We have come to see National Parks as resources to be utilized for educational and recreational uses as well as learning that our experiences no matter how different are important and should be shared with others.

I am a proud SCIP success story. In my third year with the program I successfully acquired a permanent job at Lowell National Historical Park as an interpretive park ranger. Every day I get to indulge my passion for learning and interacting with people from all backgrounds. I get to learn so I can educate others while learning from the experiences of all the people I meet. I get to be the voice for those long gone; to remind us of their contributions and the importance of not only protecting their sacrifices but to also make sacrifices for future generations. Every day I put on my National Park Service uniform and I am reminded of my duty to be truthful and open-minded.Personally working for the National Park Service has been a revelation and an enriching opportunity for self-growth. In my capacity as a ranger, I have gotten the opportunity to reexamine my experiences, while delving deeper into the connections between past and current social discourse on topics ranging from immigration to energy. I have learned to appreciate different perspectives and the power of personal experiences in shaping our perspectives. I have acquired on the job skills and experiences that will serve me well no matter where I end up in the future. I have learned to listen to observe, to put myself aside in service of others and more important to value the views and perspectives of everyone I come in contact with.  Every day I am humbled by the things I learn and I relish the opportunity to continue learning and challenging myself through the National Park Service. Thank you SCIP program for opening a door to whole new world. It is my solemn promise to do my very best to deserve the opportunities presented and make the very best of it.

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