Kalimah Mustafa, 2015 SCIP Assistant

Kalimah Mustafa, a Boston native, is an English Major at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She is the winner of the Academy of American Poets, Harold Taylor Award for her poem “slipping.” She was awarded honors for her senior thesis on sexuality in the work of Langston Hughes, which she completed as a sophomore. As a junior, she began her dissertation research at the University of North Carolina, which she continues to work on, and has since presented at academic conferences in Amherst, Stonehill, Boston, and Chapel Hill – North Carolina. After completing her undergraduate degree, Kalimah plans to pursue a PhD in African American Modernist and Postmodernist literature.


When her nose is not in a book, Kalimah works in social media and outreach for Groundwork Somerville. Before Groundwork, Kalimah has worked and volunteered for several other nonprofits that focus on food justice, conservation, sustainability, education, and youth engagement. She’s worked and volunteered with organizations such as theMove, The Welcome Project, and Literacy Volunteers of Massachusetts. Kalimah came to Groundwork in 2011 as the leader of the “Garden Youth Crew,” and then returned again in 2013 as the Social Media and Outreach Assistant, which she has served as ever since. Through Groundwork Somerville, a partner of the National Parks Service, Kalimah learned of the Student Career Intake Program. This summer, Kalimah will be working for the National Parks as a SCIP Assistant under Amy Glowacki of the Lowell National Historic Park.

In her free time, Kalimah enjoys making comics and chapbooks, picnicking, and studying foreign languages.


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