Welcome! SCIP 2015


Mass Parks Student Career Intake Program – SCIP – Interns are back for another year of new adventures, meeting new people and sharing ideas. In March, SCIP interns had an opportunity to meet National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis at the Play, Learn, Serve Work initiative press event. It was great to get back together again and catch up on everyone’s activities.

SCIP interns are working with other youth in the Boston area to plan and present the annual youth summit. Our first planning session is June 11th. Mark your calendars for the summit now! August 12, 2015 at the Boston Harbor Islands NRA, Thomspon Island Outward Bound Education Center.

Be sure and check out our pages Meet the 2015 SCIP Interns and SCIP Intern Successes  on this blogsite: friendshipnps@wordpress.com

The 2015 interns are based at the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area offices at 15 State Street. You might find them on Fridays on the 4th or 11th floors. Please feel free to stop by and visit with them.

We look forward to meeting you this summer.

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