Alycia Chuney

Alycia Chuney, SCA Detroit Program Manager

While in Lowell during the summer of 2014 Alycia worked with the Lowell Spindle City Corps to complete her research for her masters thesis “Educating For Sustainability” with goals of encouraging young people to be responsible citizens in the realms of environmentalism, and in social and economic justice.

Alycia has extensive experience working with the Student Conservation Association as a crew leader program coordinator and as a graduate intern.  She wanted to explore diversity and youth programming in an urban area on a large scale. Alycia embraced National Park Service  efforts to reach a more diverse audience and younger generations.

“The National Park Service is invested in engaging diverse communities. Most minorities don’t visit national parks, but the NPS is making a true effort to change that, and being involved in in this program has helped me see that. That’s really great, because I can go home and tell my family that it’s not just a one-sided story that you’re going to hear when you go to a national park. You’re going to hear stories from different angles.”



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