Olf Leyinda Mouyaka

Olf Mouyaka

Park Guide, Seasonal

Lowell National Historical Park

Mouyaka2015 photo by Lance Hill (5)


Olf Mouyaka, Seasonal Park Guide, Lowell National Historical Park

Olf is a 2013 graduate of Lowell High School and expects graduate from Merrimack College in 2016 where he is currently a resident advisor. He will study abroad in France in during the Fall 2015 semester.

Olf is a native French speaker and when he arrived in Lowell in 2009 he faced many challenges while learning to speak English. Olf is open about his experiences with the Lowell National Historical Park and Community Teamwork, Inc. Lowell Spindle City Corps and is a ready program ambassador as he readily shares his experiences. One of Olf’s greatest strengths is his willingness to learn. He has an easy manner and connects with people from all different backgrounds and adapting well in any environment.

Olf was a member of the Lowell Spindle City Corps in 2009-2011 and he worked with the Division of Interpretation at Lowell National Historical Park in 2012. He has an interest in serving the community and is exploring career opportunities with the National Park Service.

I see myself inspiring people to do better, being there for them, telling them about my experience and being able to create options for others at any level of their life that will empower and champion them to succeed and contribute to the community or to the world that they value the most.

-Olf Leyinda Mouyaka



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