Resi Polixa

Park Ranger Interpretation

Lowell National Historical Park

I did some creative writing sessions with interns from Future Leaders and the Boston Harbor Island Ambassadors

My most memorable experience with the National Park Service is working with the YCC… it’s what exposed me to work and different careers in the NPS.  I did mostly maintenance work that summer and occasionally I worked with the curators at Thomas Edison and at Morristown NHP nearby, helping to catalogue artifacts. Then the next summer I did interpretation and that was it – I was hooked.

Resi is an Interpretive Park Ranger in the Student Career Experience Program working at Lowell National Historical Park. She will spend the summer of 2015 in a detail as the Community Engagement Ranger at Women’s Rights National Historical Park. She received her Master of Public Humanities degree from Brown University in 2014.  A native of West Orange, New Jersey Resi began her National Park Service career in 2007 with the Youth Conservation Corps at Edison National Historical Park. She then worked in interpretation for two summers before arriving on the front line at Lowell in 2010.



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