Rich Hansen

Electrical Worker, Lowell National Historical Park

Rich, an electrical worker at Lowell, gives back to his alma mater and spends much of his time mentoring student interns from the Greater Lowell Vocational Technical High School as they update Park infrastructure and move towards green energy solutions. Fluent in both English and Spanish Rich earned his degree in Energy Management at Mount Wachusett Community College in January 2013.  He is working to become a licensed electrician.

Rich first worked at the park as part of the Greater Lowell Regional Vocational Technical High School Electrical Co-op Program.  He spent the past two summer seasons working in the Maintenance Division. Rich helped to install the solar electric system at the Boott Cotton Mills facility.

It was a good feeling to bring some of the newest technology to a building that previously used some of the oldest technology. I found that to be pretty cool. I also worked under the supervision of a very knowledgeable master electrician who was very willing to teach me the trade.
                                                                                         -Rich Hansen


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